Why choose me?


It is vital to be happy to use the many different types of computing devices so that you can access the wealth of information out there. It is never to late to learn more.

I have a vast amount of computing experience starting with a joint BSC Hons degree in Chemistry and Computing, and have worked in Software Development as well as teaching computer skills to adults classes, individuals and teenagers in school.

I enjoy working with people to get the right site for them or helping them develop their computing skills. I can work at the technical level but can also introduce beginners to the digital world.

Website development

I enjoy developing websites for businesses, or clubs. Learning about what you do and the message you want to get out there on the internet. I have created most sites from code and or using Word Press.

Technical ability

I began my career as a software consultant writing in a variety of languages and working on different stages of project lifecycle. I can develop websites from code just using a text editor to write in HTML,CSS, PHP, javascript, and more recently develop websites using Word Press, to ensure that the sites are responsive and user-friendly to as many people as possible.

Worked for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service on their website, and Quicksteel Ltd Developed websites for many different companies and clubs. For example: http://www.penndesign.co.uk and http://www.leavesafe.co.uk

I have taught IT at various establishments, but predominantly for Sandbach School.

Courses I have taught:

  • ECDL
  • Introduction to computing
  • Shopping on-line
  • Introduction to your ipad, tablet

I have taught: Word, Excel, Access, various email programs, file management, C# programming,to name but a few.

I can code in HTML and use CSS as well as web development programs such as Word Press, and Drupal

I can program in C# and PHP, and expert at adapting to new technologies, as computing is ever changing and we have to remain ever adaptable. Writing good, understandable code is a priority to me as well as highlighting methods of keeping safe on-line.