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Computer Tuition

I offer computer tuition to meet your particular requirements. Skills offered vary from introductory, to more in-depth skills:

Develop confidence in using:

  • Getting to know your way round your phone, tablet, or ipad
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends
  • Learn how to video call with Zoom
  • Email
  • Surfing the internet
  • Downloading Apps
  • Shopping on-line.
  • Explaining terminology
  • Getting the best out of your Office products: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint

File management: how to store your files in an organised way using folders, ensuring you have backups of your data

Website Development

I can provide your business or social club with a stunning web presence. I have years experience of building websites from code or using Word Press. We can meet to discuss your business to provide a website to meet your needs.

In order to allow anyone to reach you on the internet it is important to have your own site. That way anyone can find you if you are providing the skill or details they need. Don’t miss out on having your own identity on the internet.

Give me a call or fill in the contact box below and I will get in touch.

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    1. Heather produces professional websites and assistance and tutoring with all levels of computer skills. She is very experienced in business and teaching, also professional, friendly and pitches her help at exactly the right level depending upon the skills and needs of the client.

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